New beautiful road for comfortable cycling
2022-05-09 10:55     Source : Dongguan Today

Taoyuan North Road, a newly opened road in Nancheng District, was officially opened to traffic today. The road starts at Dongguan Avenue in the west, and connects with the Huanguan Expressway in the east, linking Dongguan Botanical Garden and Shuilian Mountain. 

The total length of the road is 1.45 kilometers, and the speed limit is 40 kilometers per hour. Spacious non-motorized vehicle lanes and sidewalks are built on both sides of the road. Decorated with colorful flowers and green landscape trees, the whole road is very beautifully, making citizens feel very comfortable no matter cycling or strolling along it.

Separation belts have been set up on the road to ensure that motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians are separated.

As a new road in Nancheng, Taoyuan North Road has built a slow-moving system featuring walking and cycling experience, and has become a new good place for the general public to spend their weekend.

The scenery on both ends of the road differ greatly. On one side is the Nancheng commercial area with numerous tall buildings, while the other is Dongguan Botanical Garden with lush plants and trees, which forms a harmonious connection of modern prosperity and green leisure.

It is worth noting that Taoyuan North Road has four new "electronic police" to capture the illegal parking of motor vehicles. "Bicycles and electric bicycles shall also ride in the prescribed lanes, or the traffic police will persuade and punish the cyclists." The Nancheng Traffic Police reminded non-motor vehicle drivers to obey the traffic rules, drive on non-motorized vehicle lanes and do not compete with motor vehicles to avoid traffic accidents.

Editor: Zheng Sihui
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